emergency clogged drain, sewer pipe, trenchless sewer line repair service in Santa Monica

​Exceptional Drain Cleaning and Sewer Line Repair in Santa Monica. Have you ever thought about just how many fixtures and yards of pipe run through your house? You’d be surprised how complicated and large your plumbing system actually is. From the pipes that bring fresh water to the tap, to the sewer lines that carry used water away. Your plumbing system is a big part of your life, even if you don’t think about it much. When it comes to something as important as your fresh water supply and sewer system, it really pays to hire a professional. As the number one drain cleaning service in the area, Santa Monica Premier Plumbers is proud to clear out clogged drains, make trenchless sewer line repairs or fix bathroom and kitchen drains for local clients on a daily basis.

Get Clogged Drains Cleaned and Leaky Pipes Repaired Quickly

It’s hard to enjoy a warm wake-up shower when you are standing ankle-deep in tepid water. A clogged sink is just as frustrating. Unfortunately, blockages are an inevitable result of using your drains and pipes. Water carries small particles of dirt and grease into your pipes, depositing them at certain locations along the way. This buildup creates a significant clog that partially or completely blocks flow through the line. You can often see a clog in the making, as your sink takes longer and longer to drain out every time you use it. Even if it’s still “kind of” working, you should take the time to schedule a professional cleaning for your system. Allowing these clogs to linger can lead to greater problems, including leaking fixtures and cracked pipes.

Talk to the Pipe Repair and Maintenance Pros

​​Our hydro-jetting and emergency rooter services are available to all of our customers who want to clean out their drains or sewer lines. We also implement video camera inspections to troubleshoot faulty systems and discover the exact location of leaks and blockages. Our plumbers are trained and experienced professionals who know how to handle all the tools of the trade.