When is It Time to Call for a Sewer Line Repair?​

One of the services that brand offers is drain cleaning, which is basically ensuring that your sinks, shower, and toilets can receive and evacuate water as needed. Often times clogged drains develop over time as hair, food, and other debris starts to build up on the walls of the pipes so in this instance we at least have some time to diagnose and solve developing drain issues. Sewer line repair in Santa Monica is a whole different animal however.

Even though you use your sewer line on a daily basis, it’s not always as easy to identify problems that are starting to arise. An example is a tree root that is slowly growing into your pipe out on your property. The root may be causing an undetected slow leak that just bursts out of the blue one day (this becomes a not-so-hidden issue). Because your sewer line is such an important feature of your home (and such a mess when it becomes compromised), how do you know when to call for repair?

When Your System Backs Up

​Often times, there’s a whole casserole of items besides water that gets flushed down toilets, dropped down drains, ‘attempted’ to be cycled through the garbage disposal, etc. Eventually, these are going to impede the natural flow of your plumbing system and the effects are going to be noticeable. In terms of sewer line repair, you’ll definitely want to call us if your toilet starts backing up – for obvious reasons.

When You Notice Issues

Sewer line issues are evidenced by much more than just a toilet that doesn’t want to flush. In fact the problems could develop anywhere from inside the home at the toilet all the way to the pipes through the house, out into the yard, and up until the journey to the sewage treatment plant. Therefore, sewage line issues could be present in the form of wet walls, mold growing on floors, pavers shifting on your sidewalk, soggy spots on your lawn, and many more.

Our best advice is to err on the side of caution when it comes to needing a sewer line repair in Santa Monica. This is one area of your home or business where it’s definitely better to be safe rather than sorry.

For a complete inspection of your home’s or business’s sewer line, call Santa Monica Premier Plumbers. We’re always happy to help.